Yacon Syrup – Does it promote weight loss and increase metabolism?

Deep Inside This Tropical Root Is An Extract That Speeds Weight Loss & Stops Hunger Pains

Yacon Syrup Extract, a South American root which has been part of the Andean diet for hundreds of years, may be the next big thing to promote healthy weight loss.

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Yacon Syrup Extract is the latest buzz in the “battle of the bulge”. Since recently being studied, millions of people are praising this so called “weight loss root”. Surprisingly, many people who struggle daily with their weight have yet to hear about this powerful supplement.

Normally “weight-loss” supplements, especially weight-loss supplements that claim “easy” weight loss or “fast” weight loss are not recommended. Most nutritionist strongly believe that the key to weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise, but there are some incredible super foods that can deliver an added boost. One super food in particular, the Yacon Syrup Extract, is creating major media buzz, and the research is truly amazing.

But it’s not just celebrity TV talk show hosts claiming the fat loss effects of Yacon Syrup Extract, there is real clinical data to back up these claims.

Several participants interested in weight loss were asked to try Yacon Syrup Extract for 28 days – and you won’t want to miss the exciting results.  A study published in Clinical Nutrition followed 55 obese women who took Yacon 3-4 times each day.

Participants Lost an Average of 33 Pounds and 4 inches from their waist using Yacon Syrup!

The Dr. Oz Show also conducted their own study.  60 women were asked to eat one teaspoon of Yacon Syrup Extract with or before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for four weeks. They were told not to otherwise change their usual diets or exercise habits. Forty of the 60 women completed the project. Of these 40 women:

  • 29 (73%) of the women lost weight
  • 14 women lost five pounds or more
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • Average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches
  • Total weight lost among all the women was 153 pounds
  • 27 (68%) recommended Yacon Syrup Extract as a weight loss tool

 Yacon Syrup Weight Loss – Real People, Real Results

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Some studies have shown how Yacon Syrup Extract can provide many health benefits. Weight loss is just one of the most appreciated and important ones.

The women who weren’t on the syrup did not lose weight while those who used the syrup lost around pounds and inches from their waist circumference. More than this, it seems the Yacon Syrup Extract had also great effects for their insulin intake, as they dropped significant amounts of insulin and bad cholesterol. Their bowel movements improved, as well.

Why Should You Take Yacon Syrup Extract?

Yacon Syrup Extract tastes sweet with a consistency similar to molasses, and has been said to have a flavor like raisins or figs.

Yacon Syrup Extract may be especially helpful if you:

    • Rapid Weight Loss (Average of 15lb loss)yacon syrup metabolism
    • Effective Suppressed Appetite (eat less)
    • Increase in Lean Muscle Mass (burn more fat)
    • Increased Serotonin Levels (cut out emotional eating)
    • Works Fast (see results almost immediately)
    • Drop Dress Sizes
    • Increase in Focus and Energy
    • Better Managed Stressed (lose belly fat)
    • No More Caffeine Crash
    • No Side Effects
    • Saves Time (no more exercise and dieting)


If you want to try Yacon Syrup Extract for weight loss, take one teaspoon of 100% pure Yacon Syrup Extract before or with each meal. Or you can use it as a sugar substitute. Because of Yacon Syrup Extract’s bowel movement-promoting properties, you may want to limit daily consumption to no more than 1-2 tablespoons. Keep in mind that heating Yacon Syrup Extract to higher temperatures (as in baking) can affect some of its beneficial properties. To maximize its benefits, don’t heat it above 70 C, though adding it to hot drinks like coffee or tea should be fine.


How To Choose The Best Yacon Syrup Extract?

With dozens, if not hundreds, of Yacon Syrup Extract products being sold online, selecting one that will actually work can be a difficult task. We found Yacon Root Syrup to be the top choice for a Yacon Syrup Extract. Its the only one that not only meets all of the recommended criteria, but it exceeds it.

Yacon Root Syrup is a premium 100% Yacon Syrup Extract product that has high levels of prebiotics, which we know is the key to weight loss. And to top it off its manufactured in a FDA registered and GMP certified labratory.

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